Brainiac ®

joyfully created for all ages



A Neuron Factory™

ADHD. Dyslexia. 
Maximizing Brain Potential.



Overcoming Learning Challenges through Movement

Brain body fitness activities for all ages.

We believe in doing things as holistically as possible. From our bodies to our minds, we believe that simplicity and purposeful understanding are key for ourselves and our families.

At brainiac®, we've been in your shoes. We've seen the complications of too many medications and yet the daily struggle of understanding both our own and our kids' needs. For this reason, we strive to provide an organic alternative.

Through a holistic, successful and affordable program to overcome learning challenges, we are enabling both children and adults to lead optimal academic, physical and social lives.


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Maximizing Brain Potential


Did you know that by the time you've reached your 38th birthday cognitive decline has begun. Yikes! Worry not - With a simple brain fitness program your memory speed will be sharp again.




brainiac® uses an innate spectrum of movements to reawaken and create a more efficient neurological pathway, allowing for the complete development of physical, emotional, mental and cognitive (academic) functioning. 

Our proven method is simple, yet transformative. In the end, both children and adults leave our program with a joy for learning and greater levels of comfort in social groups.